About Us

New Directions Christian Fellowship Church

“A Christian Fellowship Center”



Our Mission Statement

As Christians, our mission is to build a strong fellowship of believers in Christ who will maintain their faith and be constantly equipped for ministry; To prayerfully meet the needs of those who are lost, overlooked, and/or discouraged; To spread the Good News; To feed the hungry; To clothe the naked; To visit those who are sick and in prison; To foster the education of children and youth; And to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of all persons. This will be done regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or social status; Teaching them to walk victoriously in the Spirit of our Loving God.

Our Motto

Your Need is God’s Desire


Our Prayer

“Lord, Send Us Someone We Can Help That Can Help Us!”

Senior Pastor/Founder

Dr. Andrew Watkins, Sr., Ph.D.

First Lady/Co-founder

Sister Dorceia Watkins 

Ministerial Staff

Rev. C.E. Williams

Music Director

Deacon Donald Fields

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